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When is the best time to buy travel insurance?

It is always best to get your travel insurance at the same time as booking your holiday. This way you are covered if your health changes or you have an accident and you cannot go on the planned trip.

If you take annual cover then make sure the cover is in place as soon as the first trip of the year is booked.

Who should be on the insurance?

It is always best for those people who travel together to insure together. Don’t fall into the trap of splitting insurance just because you perceive it may save you a couple of pounds.

If you travel as a couple then insure both of you on the same policy. If you have a relatively minor claim you will be glad you did as it means just one claims form and one insurer.

If you have a more serious claim then it is vital you are covered together. Consider if one of you is taken into hospital. It is far better for the one insurer to deal with the medical emergency and also look after the well person, making sure they can stay on, arranging their travel home at the appropriate time etc.

Finally, if one of you has medical conditions, by both being on the one policy you are both covered if these conditions lead to a claim.

What about medical conditions?

Some insurers get around asking about medical conditions by simply excluding all claims relating to any pre-existing issue. These policies should be avoided, they leave you seriously exposed.

Always make sure you take cover including cover for pre-existing conditions. Listen to the questions asked and answer openly and fully. It is false that you need to tell an insurer your full medical history, but you do need to listen to the questions and if in doubt about how long ago an incident was, disclose it to be sure.

A word of warning regarding blood pressure and cholesterol. If at any time in the past your doctor or medical practitioner has suggested that you need to reduce these you should advise, even if the medication is doing its job and your readings are now back to normal. And you will note that insurers tend not to set a limit above which they consider a reading to be high. What they are looking for is whether you have personally been advised by your medical practitioner that your reading is high for you.

Cover for bags, personal effects, laptops and mobile phones

Travel insurance is designed to protect against losses to the essential items one takes on holiday. However now a days one sees more and more expensive electronic equipment being taken away. For instance an i-phone can set you back over £600, a reasonable digital camera can be nearer £1,000 whilst a laptop can be £1,500. These items should all be insured under your home insurance so they are covered when they are in the UK as well as overseas. But if you haven’t done this you should ask about “Gadget” cover.

Online or via a broker?

We would always say “via a broker” wouldn’t we? Well there is a reason behind this. When you buy online you take full responsibility for reading and understanding the full policy before you purchase. You tick a box to say you have done so. You also need to know what is common practice and what is either a special benefit or a nasty exclusion. When you talk to a broker you get this all explained to you and they guide you through the minefield that is insurance.

For more details or for a personal quote contact Manor Insurance, Travel Insured on 01424 718790, or pop into our office or, by all means review our website www.travelinsured.co.uk